Suite Fire Desserts
(309) 683-3399

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Monday through Saturday from 4:00pm to 10:00pm

Coffee and Dessert Cocktails Also Available

Fried Strawberries – $6.00
A Suite Fire signature item! Four large strawberries that are dipped in a graham cracker crust, fried and finished in a sugar coating.

Ice Cream – $3.50
One scoop of creamy chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Add some of your favorite toppings! Choose from nuts, whipped topping, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup or berry topping.

Brownie Sundae – $5.50
A warm chocolate brownie topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and rich chocolate syrup.

Fried Cheesecake – $7.00
A twist on the traditional New York style cheesecake! Three chimichanga wraps filled with a creamy cheesecake and raspberry puree and fried to a golden brown. Served with a berry sauce.

Lemon Preserves Cake – $7.50
Three scrumptious layers of decadent cake topped with whipped cream, tangy lemon preserves and candied citrus zest.

Tuxedo Cake – $7.50
Layered chocolate marble cake filled with chocolate truffle mousse and topped with a buttermilk chocolate frosting.

Strawberry Dream Cake – $8.00
Three delicious layers of shortcake filled with suite cream and strawberry preserves.

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